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2022 SCKF Spring Shinsa

Great job at SCKF Shinsa today✨✨ Congratulations to those that passed👍

2022 SCKF Fall Shinsa

SCKF Fall Shinsa
10/16/22 El Rancho HS

Congratulations to our Torrance sensei!!!

Congratulations to our Torrance sensei’s at the AUSKF high rank examination 👏👏 Julian & Damian Williams (5 Dan), Hansoo Kim (6 Dan), Danny Yang (Renshi) 

Torrance Kendo Practice Restart: 2/1 (Tues)



Just a reminder that we will return to the dojo on Feb 1 (Tues).

Please keep in mind the following requirements to return:


  • Everyone must continue to wear a mask at all times (including periods of heavy exertion)
  • Members that are not fully vaccinated must be tested weekly and submit negative results (taken within 72hrs)
  • Everyone must continue to self-screen for symptoms and stay home if they exhibit any symptoms.
  • Do not attend practice for 10days if you have been in close contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID (or submit negative results)
  • Report to sensei’s within 24hrs (or ASAP) if tested positive for COVID (so other members can take proper quarantine measures).


Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.

Hope to see you next week.





North-South Iaido, Keiko, and Tournament canceled due to coronavirus (originally 3/14-15/20)

AUSKF Junior Open postphone (04/04/2020)

SCKF Shinpan Seminar

SCKF Shinpan Seminar
Sun 2/23/20, 9am-4pm
El Rancho High School, Pico Rivera



  • online registration (google forms)
    • deadline is 2/17/20
    • PLEASE ENTER FOR EACH SENSEI (INCLUDING 7DAN) AND KENSHI PLANNING ON PARTICIPATING, indicating age, rank, and whether or not they want bento


  • place: El Rancho High School
    Salcido Auxiliary Gym
    (at Loch Alene Ave and Homebrook St, see map pushpin)


  • sign in closes at 8:45am sharp
    • bring one check per dojo for the bento fees ($10 per bento except for 7dan sensei who will be provided free bento)


  • summary
    • participants
      • 2dan and above
      • 1dan and below may attend as shiai-sha
      • 7dan please attend as instructors (bento will be provided)
      • dress in keikogi, hakama, tare
      • bring shinpanki, mejirushi, referee handbook, energetic attitude
      • bring kendo dogu and be prepared to do shiai
      • must attend the full day for credit towards promotion requirements (to test for 3dan and above, including kodansha and shogo ranks)
    • preparation

Uchimura-sensei (3-time All Japan Champion) seminar on 2/29/20 at Cypress College

01/07/2020 First practice!!

01/07/2020 Torrance kendo dojo first  practice 

Torrance Dojo Special Practice (with Bogu Only)

Wilson Park MPR Gym 7:30 - 10:00PM


2022 SCKF Fall Shinsa

SCKF Fall Shinsa
10/16/22 El Rancho HS

2022 AUSKF Summer Camp (08/27~08/28)

AUSKF Summer Camp
8/27-28/22, Las Vegas

Nisei Week Tournament

SCKF Team Championships

SCKF Team Championships
9/25/22, location TBD (soft hold @ Budokan)

Nikkei Games

Nikkei Games
8/21/22, Cypress College

SCKF Kata Seminar

SCKF Kata Seminar
7/17/22, El Rancho HS

SCKF Individual Championships

SCKF Individual Championships
6/26/22, location TBD (soft hold @ Budokan)

SCKF Shinpan (Referee) Seminar

Location TBD

Steveston Kendo Tournament

Vancouver B.C., CANADA

If you wish to participate in this tournament, Please let Tim Yuge Sensei and Danny Yang Sensei know.

Yutaka Kubota Memorial Tournament

Wilson Park Gym, Torrance Sign-in: 8:00 - 8:30AM

( Try to be at gym by 7:45AM)